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Qué es Barcelona Center News

News on Barcelona

Barcelona Center News is a on-line project to distribute audiovisual content for television & Internet. This project meets the necessary technical skills to deliver video content to journalists who can publish it on internet or television.

Quality is our goal during production and distribution, we offer our customers the reliability they need to communicate.

Is a private initiative from Alfonso Beato, producer of news and features with technical expertise that has developed its work in international events working for various TV stations.

The distribution platform developed for Barcelona Center News for video distribution give the journalist with a simple registration in the database access the video with direct download in one click. 

The City News is our goal, culture, sport and technology monopolize our attention, our Lifestyle section aims to find unique characters and places of the city.

Our project aims to provide media solutions in production and distribution, so we can work with your company integrate on your organization or autonomously as required in each case.

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